Group Sustainability Statement

At all of the H. E. Group of companies we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. No matter which part of our business you use, you can be sure that we are striving to keep everything as sustainable as possible. Here are just some of the things that we are doing to make a difference.

H. E. Services/BuyADigger/Masterhitch/Plant Training School

Solar Power: H. E. Services, BuyADigger, Masterhitch and the Plant Training School all use solar power as the primary source of electricity. Located on the roofs of all parts of the business you will find a large number of PV solar panels that have been constructed over a period of 5 years and provide an infinite amount of energy.

Bio-Mass and Ground Source Heat Pumps: Electricity isn’t the only fossil fuel source we have replaced. Our site also utilises bio-mass boilers, powered using wood chips and other sustainable resources. The on-site heating is further improved using ground source heat pumps.

Waste Reduction: All supplies and resources we use are sustainably resourced where possible. We also vigorously reuse and recycle as much as we can to reduce the effect on the environment. We encourage our staff to bring refillable water bottles to further help reduce plastic waste.

Economical Lighting: We use LED lighting and light sensors throughout our buildings to ensure that the energy used is low and that no lights are left on in the buildings accidentally.

Electric Company Cars: Our management team and several members of our staff are supplied with electric vehicles to further reduce any impact on the environment. Furthermore, these cars are charged on site using solar power for even greater sustainability. We like to encourage everyone to travel to our site by sustainable methods where possible. For that reason we have free electric vehicle charge points available for our staff, clients and other guests.

Sustainable Suppliers: We will always look for sustainable suppliers for equipment and materials used on the site, looking to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact as much as possible.

Use of Digital Technology: As we try to cut down on waste as much as possible, we use computers and other electronics instead of paper where we can. When we have to print any documents out, we use recycled paper for the job. In addition, we encourage our customers to source information electronically via our mobile apps.

EVision/EV Sales

As electric vehicle companies, both EVision Electric Vehicles and EV Sales are already environmentally-friendly focused parts of the Group. These are are some of the ways that we have enhanced our eco-friendly practices even further:

Solar Power: All of the vehicles hired out by EVision or that are sold by EV Sales are fully charged using electricity solely produced by the array of solar panels that you can see on the roofs of the buildings.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: Wherever possible, we recycle paper, cardboard and other recyclable materials. We also only print out documents where absolutely necessary.

Bio-Mass Boilers: The EVision and EV Sales offices are heated using natural/non-fossil fuel resources, such as wood chips, to create heat.

Electric Company Cars: We provide our staff with electric vehicles for home and business use. Not only does this reduce the company’s carbon footprint, it also provides our staff with firsthand experience, and knowledge of the cars they drive on a daily basis. Sustainable Suppliers: When obtaining supplies from a third party, EVision and EV Sales will always look for companies that have a strong environmental and sustainability ethos.

Digital Technology: EVision and EV Sales embraces digital technology to help reduce our carbon footprint. Not only do we only print documents when absolutely necessary, we will use digital means as our primary method of communication with customers, suppliers and partners. EVision and EV Sales also prefer to hold meetings via digital means to cut down on any unnecessary travelling. In addition, we encourage our customers to download and use the EVision mobile app, which is downloadable via iOS and Android devices.

Diggerland Our Diggerland team are extremely proud of their green credentials and they all get very involved. Here are some of the things we do at our Diggerland Parks:

Annual Staff Planting Day: This is a fun way of getting all of our staff at every level involved. Before the season gets underway every year, our teams are busy planting new trees and flowers, and undertaking maintenance of the greenery on the sites. The Diggerland parks also have wild areas to help feed and save the bees.

Solar Power: As with other parts of the Group, Diggerland uses solar power to generate all the electricity used on the sites of all of our Adventure Parks.

Bio-Mass Boilers: It’s not just just the electricity that we generate through eco means, all of the heating at Diggerland is generated using bio-mass boilers, working from sustainable materials that are free from fossil fuels.

Reducing Natural Methane Emissions: At our Kent Park, Diggerland was built on a previous landfill site. As the old refuse continues to rot, methane gas is produced. This gas is harmful to the environment, and in order to reduce the impact, Diggerland uses a high tech flame that burns 99.9% of the methane gas, so that it can’t harm the planet. 

Reducing Waste: We hate waste at Diggerland and so we use as many sustainable products as possible. We are also very passionate about recycling and packaging that we use. We even recommend that our guests bring water bottles with them and fill up their bottles using our water fountain free of charge, to help reduce the amount of plastic that is used.

Green Travel: Many of our staff either walk to work or travel by bike. Not only is this great exercise, it also reduces the impact on the environment. Our management team at Diggerland all drive company cars that are 100% electric and don’t need harmful petrol or diesel to power them. All of our Diggerland parks also have electric car chargers which can be used by our staff and guests.

Digital Technology: Our Diggerland Head Office encourages guests to purchase their tickets online and present their email confirmations using their mobile devices on arrival. This saves the use of unnecessary paper printing. Diggerland also encourages guests to download the Diggerland mobile app via iOS and Android for specific park information, rather than walking around site with paper printed maps.